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Hedriocystis reticulata
Hedriocystis reticulata (Siemensma, 1991)

Heterophrys reticulata Penard, 1904

Diagnosis: Test colorless, hyaline, polygonal in circumference; fields with rib-like edges give the shell a network-like structure; each facet with a central hole through which fine axopodia are emitted; stalk about 3 times the shell diameter; axopodia very fine; nucleus subcentrally located.

Dimensions: Test  c. 25 µm, stalk c. 70 µm, 1-1.5 µm thick.

Ecology: Fresh water; rare, in submerged Sphagnum.

Remarks: I have found this species in the Netherlands around 1980, but wasn’t able to take pictures of it. It was placed in the genus Penardiophrys by Mikrjukov (2000), but more research is needed to reconsider its taxonomic position.

Hedriocystis reticulata
Hedriocystis reticulata – Photomicrograph: Angie Opitz
From Penard, 1904
Hedriocystis reticulata
Hedriocystis reticulata, Austria, Tirol – Photomicrograph: Angie Opitz
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