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Hoogenraadia galeata
H. galeata – from Stepanek, 1963

Hoogenraadia galeata  (Stepanek, 1963) n. comb.
Gillardella galeata Stepanek, 1963

Diagnosis: Shell somewhat similar to the shell of Corythion dubium or Trinema enchelys. The shell is ovoid, somewhat flattened, with a small elliptical opening in the upper part. As can be seen when looking at it from the side, it is slightly cut into the shell and partially surrounded by a visor, which protrudes in the shape of a shovel from the upper part of the shell and partially covers it. The shell is light brown in color, clearly chitinous and thinly covered with small splinters. The shell has relatively strong walls.

Dimensions: Length 100-105 µm; width 55 µm; height 50 µm; aperture 10-15 µm.

Ecology: Freshwater, Africa

Remarks: In my opinion this species belongs to Hoogenraadia. Genus Giraldella was described by Stepanek (1963) to include G. galeata as a new species. Stepanek found a few specimens, but the variability was very low.

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