Hoogenraadia ovata
H. ovata – from Bonnet, 1974

Hoogenraadia ovata Bonnet, 1974

Diagnosis: Test small, ovoid, yellowish, with cryptostome. In dorsal view, elongated elliptical and very regular. In lateral view, the dorsal lip is shaped like a small visor, partly covering the more or less circular aperture at one of the poles of the test. The lateral invagination between the visor and the ventral lip is of variable depth, but not visible in dorsal view. In ventral view the aperture of the visor is croissant-shaped with non-sinuous borders.

Dimensions: Length 60-67 µm; diameter 36-39 µm.

Ecology: Africa, Ivory Coast. Organic debris rich soils in forests along backwaters.

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