Hoogenraadia sylvatica
H. sylvatica – from Vucetich, 1973

Hoogenraadia sylvatica Vucetich, 1973

Diagnosis: Test ovoid; pseudostome with a highly developed visor. In ventral view, the visor completely conceals the aperture and forms a sinuous line that extends to both sides of the test. The region between the lower edge of the visor and its lateral extensions is slightly concave. The pseudostome can be seen only by placing the test in lateral position and somewhat tilted toward the region of the visor. The test is quite transparent, and yellowish-brown, embedded in a hyaline cement with exogenous mineral particles larger in the body than in the visor.

Dimensions: Length 82-93 µm; width: 60-70 µm; thickness: 58-68 µm.

Ecology: Argentina, Punta Lara jungle

Remarks: The Argentine species, according to its morphology, is closest to H. cryptostoma, which is distinguished by the more pronounced cryptostome, the concavity in the ventral region and a smaller size (approximately 1/2 the size of H. cryptostoma).

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