Padaungiella lageniformis
Padaungiella lageniformis, with preyed Trinema inside the shell


Genus Padaungiella Lara et Todorov, 2012



Diagnosis: Differs from Nebela s. str. by a distinct elongated neck that gives the shell a bottle shape, and from other Nebelid genera by the lack of distinctive features (that characterizes each of them).


Etymology: The name of this genus is derived from the name of a tibeto-burmese ethnic minority of Burma, called Padaung. The women of this tribe traditionally wear very long, coiled neck rings, which are constituted of a single brass coil placed around the neck. The length of the coil (which is gradually increased) and the added weight presses the clavicle and the rib cage, resulting in the appearance of a very long neck.


Type species: Padaungiella lageniformis (Penard, 1890) Lara, 2012.


Included species:

P. lageniformis (Penard, 1890) Lara et Todorov, 2012

P. wailesi (Deflandre, 1936) Lara et Todorov, 2012

P. wetekampi (Jung, 1942) Lara et Todorov, 2012

P. tubulata (Brown, 1911) Lara et Todorov, 2012

P. nebeloides (Gauthier-Lièvre et Thomas, 1958) Lara et Todorov, 2012



Cyst of Padaungiella lageniformis. Shell length 105 µm. Just beneath the cyst is a thick layer of preyed scales which will be used to build a new shell.