Porosia bigibbosa
Porosia bigibbosa
P. bigibbosa with arrowed pores



Genus Porosia Jung, 1942


Diagnosis: Test pyriform, base rounded, in broad view 2 invaginated pores connected by internal tubes, in narrow view a small lateral pore just anterior to the larger pores. Shell composed of euglyphid shell plates embedded in unstructured cement. Pseudostome arched, thickened organic rim.


Ecology: herbivorous and carnivorous? In mosses and soil, rare.


Remarks: Type species: Porosia bigibbosa (Penard) Jung, 1942.
Expansion of the taxonomic concept for the genus Porosia (Jung 1942) sensu Bobrov et Kosakyan: Test is pyriform, with rounded posterior end, laterally compressed. In front view two distinct lateral depressions with two large invaginated pores are situated on each side, which are connected by internal tubes as in genus Certesella. In profile, small lateral pores can be observed, just anterior to the large pores. The lateral keel can (or can not ) be present surrounding 1/3 of posterior lateral margin (keel is important distinctive character between Porosia species: Porosia bigibbosa - lacking of lateral keel, Porosia paracarinata - presence of lateral keel). Test composed of euglyphid shell plates embedded in unstructured cement. Aperture is curved, surrounded with organic lip. Habitat: sphagnum mosses, litter, soil, rare genus. This genus is closely related to Certesella but lacks the punctuated neck.