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Lamtopyxis travei
Lamtopyxis travei – after Bonnet (1977)

Lamtopyxis travei  Bonnet, 1977

Diagnosis: Shell hemispherical, resembling in dorsal and lateral view a Cyclopyxis shell. In oral view, the ventral sole invaginates into a tube, reinforced at its base by a brown fibroid material. Slightly set back from the plane of the ventral sole, there are some mineral teeth in variable number and very little differentiated, formed of coalescing siliceous elements. This pseudostome is much less developed than in L. callistoma or L. cassagnaui. At the upper part of the tubular invagination the pseudostome is oval, with in some individuals two poles in the shape of a brace. As a result, the shell has, if not bilateral, at least binary axial symmetry.

Dimensions: Diameter of the shell 168-171 µm; height 2/3 of its diameter; length of the tubular invagination 1/3 of the diameter; aperture 35-40 µm.

Ecology: Soil, humus. Nepal, 3500 m., Mount Kenia, 2900 m.

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