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Lecythium jennyae Mausbach, Dumack et Bonkowski, 2016

Diagnosis: Lecythium as above. Test: round or spherical in shape, 24-42 µm (length), 29-48 µm (width), length/width ratio 0.7-1, often deformed due to folds. Nucleus: ellipsoid or spherical, marbled structure, about 12.8-19.5 µm, located at the apical end of the cell; nucleolus not detectable. Granules: about 0.96-2.9 µm, round, dispersed all over the cell. Vacuoles: contractile vacuoles dispersed all over the cell, food vacuoles restricted to the basal end. Aperture: roundish, filopodia arise directly from the aperture and not from a vacuolated cytoplasm, like in L. hyalinum. Locomotion: actively creeping, filopodia rarely extend longer than 60 µm. Cell division: longitudinal, binary.

Ecology: Prey: unicellular algae, no ingestion of bacteria observed. Type locality: urban pond in a park at Cologne-Mühlheim, Germany.

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