Luffisphaera ampullacea Belcher & Swale, 1975

Diagnosis: With the characters of the genus. Cells spherical or oval, ca. 1.5-2.5 µm. Basal parts of scales ca. 0.3 µm x 0.5 µm x 0.15 µm deep, with a constricted foot and several rows of large square pores below the upper rim, which is here loss clearly defined than in the previous species. The outer parts of the scales are flask-shaped with a broad base emerging from an intermediate zone which here appears double, with a separate outer sheath. The scales are about 0.4 µm in width, narrowing gradually to a long twisted neck ending in a slightly expanded truncate apex, the whole being ca. 2.1-2.6 µm long. There are no thickened ribs and the delicate reticulum is formed of uniform hexagonal pores.

Ecology: freshwater, Great-Britain

from Belcher & Swale, 1975
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