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Mastigamoeba cf setosa
Mastigamoeba cf setosa, n nucleus, f flagellum


Mastigamoeba cf setosa

Diagnosis: cell elliptical with thick membrane, densely covered with spines of different length; cytoplasm with some small vacuoles and food vacuoles; cilium about 2 times body length; no pseudopodia, sometimes a single, temporary lateral bulge of hyaloplasm; nucleus vesicular, with one central nucleolus; nucleolus with at least one hole; cilium connected to the nucleus.

Dimensions: my measurements about 60 µm (n=1), nucleus c. 11.6 µm, spines 3-11 µm.

Ecology: between Sphagnum, Fochteloërveen, the Netherlands.

Remarks: I found one specimens in a moist-chamber-preparation in May 2013. The cell resembled in all aspects M. setosa, except for the central nucleolus.

Mastigamoeba cf setosa

Mastigamoeba cf setosa, normal locomotion


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