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Matsakision radixicola
M. radixicola – after Chardez, 1974

Matsakision radixicola  Chardez, 1974

Diagnosis: Shell ovoid, slightly compressed, transparent; pseudostome oval, truncated perpendicularly, with a slight neck. Shell built of elliptical scales of variable size, the most numerous are small and not contiguous, embedded in a clear organic cement, and more sparse at the level of the neck.

Dimensions: Length 58-65 µm, width 40-48 µm, thickness 38-44 µm, pseudostome 20-24 µm (n=4).

Ecology and distribution:  Soil, between roots of wild strawberry (Fragaria vesca), Belgium.

Remarks: Chardez (1974) describes his method as follows: The soil in contact with the roots and deep rootlets (5 to 40 cm depending on the plant) is scraped and dried, 5 g of each homogenized sample are then treated in a microseparator by bubbling air into 200 ml of distilled water. The thèques taken at the capillary level are spread for the purpose of determining and counting the species.

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