Genus Micropyxidiella Tarnawski and Lara, 2015


Diagnosis: Genus of testate amoebae with filamentous pseudopodia, entirely organic test (without self-secreted scales or mineral particles). Large round nucleus (about 20% of shell length).
Type species: Micropyxidiella edaphonis (Monotypic)


TEM and LM, from Tarnawski and Lara, 2015


Micropyxidiella edaphonis Tarnawski and Lara, 2015


Diagnosis: Very small testate amoebae (length: 8-10 µm; width: 5-6 µm), with an ovoid transparent test, comparable to the related species Ovulinata parva. These organisms were most often associated to organic particles, presumably feeding on bacteria. Shell with a pointed end, reminding of certain members of genus Difflugia such as D. acuminata, clearly visible under scanning electron microscopy, but not under light microscopy. Nucleus of about 2 µm.


Etymology: Genus and species name from ancient Greek: Species name: edaphos= soil, edaphonis = from soil (reference to its habitat).


Ecology: soil. Type locality: Organisms were collected from a forest litter sample taken near Les Ponts de Martel, 47◦00’N 6◦44’E, Switzerland.


From Tarnawski and Lara, 2015