Nadinella tenella, 50 µm



Genus Nadinella Penard, 1900


Diagnosis: shell ovoid or pyriform, in cross section circular, narrowing towards the pseudostome into a distinct neck; aperture broad elliptical, surrounded by a thin hyaline outward bend collar; shell composed of an organic material, embedded with mineral grains of different size, usually not covering the surface completely, with larger grains embedded in the fundus part en smaller grains towards the aperture; the collar is free of grains. Nucleus globular. Filopodia very long and thin, usually one to three. Plasma doesn't fill the shell completely. One known species.


Ecology: freshwater, clear stagnant and running waters


Nadinella tenella
Nadinella tenella
Shell with distinct neck, 50 µm and shell with less distinct neck, 60 µm