The picture shows an empty shell of Nebela tincta. The shell is composed of numerous oval plates. In between are some dentated aperture scales of an Euglypha shell. This shows that probably the oval scales are also robbed from an Euglypha shell.
This Nebela tincta picks plate scales of an Euglypha shell.


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Difflugia symoensi

Difflugia symoensi, from Chardez, 1964 Difflugia symoensi  Chardez, 1964 Diagnosis: Test bag-shaped, with pseudostome almost as wide as the width of the test; fundus rounded.

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Difflugia tenuis

Difflugia tenuis, from Penard, 1890 Difflugia tenuis  (Penard, 1890) Chardez, 1983 Diagnosis: Test cylindrical or slightly pyriform, fundus often more angular then rounded, very transparent

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