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Padaungiella tubulata
Padaungiella tubulata
Nebela tubulata, 56 µm long – moss, Ecuador 67 µm, Heelsumse Beek, Netherlands

Padaungiella tubulata (Brown, 1911) Lara et Todorov, 2012

Diagnosis: Shell colorless or yellowish-brown, flask-shaped with a distinct slender neck, and laterally compressed. It is fragile, and composed mainly of oval or circular shell plates. The aperture is oval and bordered by a thick lip of organic cement.

Dimensions: Length of shell 63-71; breadth of shell 31-34; depth of shell 15-17; diameter of aperture 11-13 um (n = 2). My measurements: length: 56-67 µm.

Ecology: Sphagnum vegetation, fresh water,


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