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An interesting group of testate amoebae is the genus Difflugia. There have been described hundreds of species, but the question is: how many of them are true species? Most descriptions are inaccurate of just based on one single test. Probably this group consists of several genera. Only DNA sequencing can help here. One of my projects is to make a visual map of all known species. It’s one of the most difficult taxa to identify. 

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Puytoracia bonnetti

Puytoracia bergeri, from Nicholls, 2006 Puytoracia bergeri   Nicholls, 2006 Diagnosis: Shell an oblong flattened cylinder, with rounded anterior and posterior ends. An invaginated pseudostome

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Corythionella georgiana

Corythionella georgiana, after Nicholls, 2005 Corythionella georgiana Nicholls, 2005 Diagnosis: Shell translucent, colourless to pale yellow in colour, elongate-elliptical to nearly circular in outline (ventral

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Psammonobiotus dziwnowi

P. dziwnowi, after Nicholls, 2005 Psammonobiotus dziwnowi Nicholls, 2005 Diagnosis: Protoplast similar to that known for Psammonobiotus communis, emerging from the pseudostome as a single

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Trinema chardezi

after Decloitre, 1981 Trinema chardezi  Decloitre, 1981 Diagnosis: Shell almost spherical; aperture circular. Dimensions: Length 25-28 µm; width 20-25 µm; aperture 10-12 µm. Ecology: Freshwater.

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Meisterfeldia spec.

Meisterfeldia spec., moss on tree, Limburg, Netherlands Meisterfeldia spec.  Diagnosis: Shell ovoid, with oblique aperture, surrounded by a slightly thickened rim. Shell surface slightly irregular.

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Meisterfeldia bitsevi

After Bobrov and Mazei, 2016 Meisterfeldia bitsevi  Bobrov and Mazei, 2021 Diagnosis: Shell bilaterally symmetrical, elongated oval, laterally not flattened, colorless, transparent. The dorsal side

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