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Paragocevia placopus
Paragocevia placopus, 75 µm broad

Paragocevia placopus (Hülsmann, 1974)

Diagnosis: Locomotive form flattened, often remaining flattened when stationary; flattened hyaloplasmic margin surrounding slightly raised granuloplasm anteriorly and laterally, rarely posteriorly; subpseudopodia c. 5-10 µm long, often more than 100 on hyaloplasmic margin in locomotion; protoplast filling cuticle completely; granuloplasm sometimes more rounded up in stationary forms; seldom any conical pseudopodia on floating cells; nucleus with large central nucleolus; ingest diatoms, bits of filamentous algae and blue-greens, ciliate protozoa; no cyst known.

Dimensions: 62-125 µm (mean 95 µm), L/B 0.6-1.0 (mean 0.8), nucleus 12.4-15.0 µm (mean 14 µm). My measurements 75 µm broad, nucleus 12.3 µm (n=1)

Ecology: Freshwater. I found this species once in the Spiegelplas.

Paragocevia placopus
Placogocevia placopus, with numerous short subpseudopodia.
Paragocevia placopus
Cell with diatoms and cell in phase contrast
Paragocevia placopus
Placogocevia placopus, nucleus 12.3 µm.
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