Video of Paramphitrema species

Specimen from Wormer, an eutrophic area in the Netherlands

Artodiscus saltans-Amphitrema
Typical movement as observed before with Artodiscus saltans (see video below of A. saltans) with one leading filopodium and two or three pointing backwards (locomotion from right to left).
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Difflugia key ovoid

Difflugia Ovoid Group Key characters: Test ovoid, in cross section rounded. Pseudostome circular. 1 Test with collar or short neck 2 1′ Test without collar

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Difflugia: ovoid tests

Difflugia – group 1 Test < 60 µm. Test in cross section rounded. Test with rounded fundus. Pseudostome with smooth circular edge. Test not spherical

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Difflugia ampla

Difflugia ampla, after Rampi, 1950 (l) and Gauthier-Lièvre et Thomas, 1958 (r) Difflugia ampla Rampi, 1950 Diagnosis: Test broadly pyriform, with a wide and rounded

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