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Paulinella micropora
Paulinella micropora, – from Lhee et al., 2017

Paulinella micropora Lhee, Yang, Kim, Andersen & Yoon, 2017

Diagnosis: Test elongate, with five columns of scales, each column with 8–9 rows of non-overlapping siliceous, curved, rectangular scales with rounded corners. Aperture opening sur-rounded by five collar scales (1.3–2.6 µm); two primary collar scales flanked the membranous operculum; three thinner collar scales adpressed to the outer surface of the primary collar scales. Scales at the anterior and posterior regions smaller than middle test scales. Varying number of larger pores (=sieve plates) on the internal scale surfaces; numerous fine pores on the external scale surfaces. Punctae on the external scale surfaces at the posterior end of the test. Two blue-green colored, sausage-shaped, photosynthetic chromatophores, each approximately 2.5–3 µm in diameter.

Dimensions: Test 11.5–13.8 µm long and 9.1–10.7 µm wide.

Ecology: Fresh water, sediment of lakes and ponds. Distribution: Korea, Japan, New-Zealand, Czech Republic (Lhee at al., 2017)

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