world of amoeboid organisms

Fig. 1. Diagrammatic representation of the 10 known Paulinella species, emphasizing overall differences in test sizes and shapes (After Nicholls, 2009).

A  P. ovalis  (Wulff) Johnson, Hargraves & Sieburth, 1988;
B  P. intermedia  Vørs, 1993;
C  P. indentata  Hannah, Rogerson & Anderson, 1996;
D  P. carsoni  Nicholls, 2009;
E  P. agassizi  Nicholls, 2009;
F  P. suzukii  Nicholls, 2009;
G  P. chromatophora  Lauterborn, 1895;
H  P. gigantica  Nicholls, 2009;
I   P. multipora  Nicholls, 2009;
J  P. lauterborni  Nicholls, 2009.


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Penardochlamys arcelloides

P. arcelloides – from Penard, 1904 Penardochlamys arcelloides  (Penard, 1904) Deflandre, 1953 Diagnosis: Colorless or very slightly yellowish envelope, bag or cauldron-shaped, very thin, chitinous,

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Reticulomyxa hannae

R. hannae, plasmodium – photomicrograph Steffen Clauss Reticulomyxa hannae Völcker and Clauß, 2020 Diagnosis: Trophozoites surrounded by a very thin mucous envelope, with slowly moving plasmodia, variable

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Velamentofex saxonensis

V. saxonensis, feeding (photomicrograph Steffen Clauss) Velamentofex saxonensis Völcker and Clauß, 2020 Diagnosis: Trophozoites ovoid, 30-95 μm, granuloreticulopodia up to 1000 μm long. with a hyaline, thin

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Velamentofex tyrolensis

V. tyrolensis (photomicrograph Steffen Clauss) Velamentofex tyrolensis Völcker and Clauß, 2020 Diagnosis: Trophozoites ovoid, 98-125 μm, with reticulopodia up to 300 μm long, with a hyaline,

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Velamentofex berolinensis

V. berolinensis Velamentofex berolinensis Völcker and Clauß, 2020 Diagnosis: Trophozoites ovoid, 50-300 µm, with a hyaline, extremely flexible, membranous test. Nuclei numerous, 11.6-16.2 µm in diameter,

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 Lieberkuehniidae  Siemensma, Holzmann, Apothéloz-Perret-Gentil, Clauß, Voelcker, Bettighofer, Khanipour Roshan, Walden, Dumack and Pawlowski, 2020 Diagnosis: Multinucleate organic-walled monothalamous foraminifera. Test very flexible, elongated to broadly

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