Video of Penardeugenia species
Below you will find some video material of specimens of Penardeugenia species. The first specimen came from a sample from an oligotrophic venn in Kootwijk, the Netherlands. The next three were found in a sample from moss on a rock in a wood near Saarburg, in Germany. I’ve seen at least three specimens. They came up in a wet mount made from a two months old sample. The mount was kept in a humidity chamber for some days. I managed to isolate one specimen and dried it for the SEM. The last video is from a specimen from a mesotrophic pond in Crailoo, the Netherlands, 2018.
Penard (1904) described Pamphagus bathybioticus, later renamed to Penardeugenia bathybioticus) by Deflandre (1958).

Specimen from Crailoo, NL
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