Pileolus tuberosus
P. tuberosus from Coûteaux and Chardez, 1981

Pileolus tuberosus  Coûteaux and Chardez, 1981

Diagnosis: Test small, bumpy, with circular pseudostome with a collar composed of small scales (L = 2 μm, 1 = 1 μm), rectangular with rounded edges, concave along the length and arranged lengthwise on the periphery and secondly of a row of scales (L = 1 μm) carrying a hook (L = 0.5 μm) erected outwards. Very characteristic coating consisting of two types of scales, some larger oval (5 X 3 μm) with a central thickening of the same shape, the others smaller (1.2 X 1 μm) and almost circular filling all gaps between the large scales.

Measurements: Length 25 μm, width 15 μm, pseudostome Ø 7 μm

Ecology: rhizosphere of a Bromelia in primary forest, French Guiana, South-America.

References: Couteaux, M. et Chardez, D., 1981. Thécamoebiens édaphiques et muscicoles de Guyane Française. Rev. Écol. Biol. Sol, 18(2):193-208.

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