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Pinjata ruminata
P. ruminata – from Prokina et al., 2019

Pinjata ruminata  Gerasimova, Shɨshkin et Zlatogursky, 2019

Diagnosis: Centrohelids with two types of plate-scales partly running up the sides of axopodia bases. Plate-scales of the inner layer are flattened. Their edges most often parallel, sometimes indented on one or both sides. Sometimes the edges are not straight, but slightly wavy. Sometimes the whole scale is curved and boomerang shaped. Scale ends are rounded. Prominent broad axial thickening and thin electron-dense margin present. Size of the inner scales: 3.2-4.9 x 1.5–2.6 μm. Plate-scales of the outer layer with non-parallel edges, often curved and broadened toward one end, often irregularly outlined, 4.2–6.7 x 1.5–3.0 μm. Multiple depressions are forming two rows on both sides of the narrow axial thickening, the scale as a whole is remarkably concave, but not forming a cavity as in Yogsothoth. Cells are solitary, with a tendency of attachment to substratum.

Ecology: Freshwater. Tuzlukkol’ River, Russia.

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