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Planhoogenraadia acuta
P. acuta – from Bonnet, 1977

Planhoogenraadia acuta Bonnet, 1977

Diagnosis: Test colorless, with a cryptostome and flat ventral side. In dorsal view, the test has a navicular shape with rounded anterior and pointed posterior end. In side view, the test shows a strongly curved visor with deep indentations. A thick ventral lip folds quite deep into the interior of the test. In the sagittal plane, its border reaches half of the dorso-ventral distance. Test in diameter roughly circular. In ventral view, the semicircular aperture is almost completely hidden by the visor. The edge of the visor has a regular curvature, with concavity turned towards the rear of the test. The wall of the test is very thin, except at the level of the ventral lip. The test is covered with amorphous silicious plates of medium size.

Dimensions: Length 90-96 µm; width 40 µm; diameter 40 µm.

Ecology: Humic forest soil, Amazon (Venezuela).


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