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Planhoogenraadia cantabrica
P. cantabrica – from Bonnet et Gomez-Sanchez 1984

Planhoogenraadia cantabrica Bonnet et Gomez-Sanchez 1984

Diagnosis: Test ovoid, brownish, with simple cryptostome. In dorsal view, the anterior end is obtuse, sometimes flattened, and the rear end is conical. Frequently, there is a slight lateral constriction in the dorsal region at the apertural level. The dorsal side is  sometimes streamlined along its median line, in cross-section the test is shaped like a pointed arch. In side view, the test is remarkably high and strongly curved, with the maximum height in the middle. There is a slight invagination between the belly and the visor. The posterior end is truncated obliquely on the ventral side, so that the ventral side does not quite reach the aboral end. The invagination between visor and belly is 1/6 to 1/3 of the height. The ventral lip is folded a bit inwards. The edge of the dorsal lip has some triangular teeth. In ventral view, the aperture is large, elliptical, concealed by the visor or dorsal lip. The test is coveredby irregular plates of silica.

Dimensions: Length 60-81 µm; width 37-45 µm; aperture about 18.4 µm; invagination between belly and visor 6-14 µm.

Ecology: Brown forest soils. Spain (Asturias), France (Corbières).

Reference: Bonnet, L. et Gomez-Sanchez, M. (1984) Note préliminaire sur le peuplement thécamoebien des sols des Asturies (Espagne). Bull. Soc. Nat., 120: 111-116

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