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Planhoogenraadia gibbosa
P. gibbosa – from Bonnet, 1984

Planhoogenraadia gibbosa Bonnet, 1984

Diagnosis: Test broadly ovoid, short and wide and in lateral view very high, colourless or brownish. In dorsal view, the anterior end is more or less flattened and the fundus tapers towards a very obtuse point. In lateral view, the maximum height is at half the length. The ventral side reaches the posterior end of the test. There is a short and small invagination between belly and visor. The distinctive visor area is separated from the body by a low depression. The dorsal lip is curved and hook-shaped; the ventral lip is very slightly folded inwards. In ventral view, the aperture is crescent-shaped and little visible as it is partly covered by the dorsal lip. In some individuals, there is a slight constriction at the edge of the belly and the visor. Siliceous elements normal.

Dimensions: Length 44-55 µm; width 35-42 µm; height 36-45 µm; aperture 15-20 µm.

Ecology: Soil rendziniformes with Pseudawerintzewia calcicola. Mexico, Guadeloupe.

Remarks: This species is close to Planhoogenraadia cantabria, from which it is distinguished by its greater height and larger width, as well as by its crochet-shaped visor and its short invagination between belly and visor.

References: Bonnet, L. (1984) Nouvelles données sur le genre Planhoogenraadia (Thécamoebiens). Bull. Soc. Nat., 120: 117-122.

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