Polyplacocystis marginata (Siemensma, 1981) Mikrjukov, 1996

Diagnosis: Scales are ovate; larger scales tend to be naviculoid. Size of the scales 5.9-10.0 x 2.5-3.9 µm. L/B ratio 1.9-2.6 (mean 2.2).

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Difflugia ampla

Difflugia ampla, after Rampi, 1950 (l) and Gauthier-Lièvre et Thomas, 1958 (r) Difflugia ampla Rampi, 1950 Diagnosis: Test broadly pyriform, with a wide and rounded

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Difflugia parva

Difflugia parva, from Gauthier-Lièvre et Thomas, 1958 Difflugia parva  (Thomas, 1954) Ogden, 1983 = Difflugia oblonga var. parva Thomas, 1954 Diagnosis: Test pyriform, tapering evenly from

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