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P. dziwnowi, after Nicholls, 2005

Psammonobiotus dziwnowi Nicholls, 2005

Diagnosis: Protoplast similar to that known for Psammonobiotus communis, emerging from the pseudostome as a single (less frequently, two, branched) long, filose pseudopod. Shell shape elongated-elliptical in outline in ventral and dorsal views and asymmetrically oblong-ovate in lateral view with a rounded dorsal edge and slightly flattened ventral edge. Pseudostome at the end of a bent neck-like anterior extension of the test and surrounded by a flared collar. In ventral and dorsal views, the test body is always wider than the pseudostome collar. Shell covered with small, mainly angular, polymorphic and flat particles more easily seen in dried specimens impregnated with Canada Balsam or Styrax®. In lateral view, the angle of the plane of the pseudostome collar ranges from near zero degrees to about 45°.

Dimensions: Length 21-(23)-27 µm , width 9-(11)-14 µm, height 9-(12)-12 µm (n=63).

Ecology: Freshwater. Type locality: Beach sand in the wave zone (supralittoral) at Providence Bay, south shore of Manitoulin Island, Lake Huron (45° 40′ 0″ N; 82° 16′ 11″ W), Canada.

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