Pseudocorythion acutum
P. undulacollis from Chardez et Thomas, 1980



Pseudocorythion undulacollis Chardez et Thomas, 1980


Diagnosis: Test consists of two different sections: a large funnel-shaped collar around a circular aperture and an elongated ovoid body with or without a terminal spine; in cross-section elliptical. Test covered with rounded idiosomes, regularly arranged. The border of the collar is finely undulated. A number of small striations extend from the border towards the aperture for about 1/3 of the diameter of the collar. Just as the body, the collar is ornamented with idiosomes, but these are slightly oval and arranged in circles.


Dimensions: Length 41-52 µm; diameter 10-180 µm; collar 21-28 µm.


Ecology: Marine. France, Atlantic coast.