Pterocystis formosa - Ferry Siemensma
P. formosa,a spine-scale, b plate-scale – after Siemensma, 1991

Pseudoraphidiophrys formosa (Dürrschmidt, 1985)

Diagnosis: Periplast 10-15 µm, protoplast unknown; spine-scales dish-shaped, circular or oval, 3.1-3.5 µm in diameter; shaft rudimentary; from the shaft about 30 fine radiating ribs emit; plate-scales 0.9-1.0 X 1.2-1.5 µm, elliptical or somewhat a-symmetrical; in the centre with a depression with a faint indication of a central rib.

Ecology: Different water types; Chile (Dürrschmidt, 1985), Australia (Croome, 1987), Germany (Eckhard Voelcker, pers. comm., 2013).

Pseudoraphidiophrys formosa, Rotes Wasser, Germany – photomicrograph Eckhard Voelcker
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