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Quadrulella alata
Q. alata, after Gauthier-Lièvre, 1957

Quadrulella alata  Gauthier-Lièvre, 1957

Diagnosis: In frontal view, the test is lageniform, with a broadly rounded fundus (subcircular or ovoid) and a wide neck forming about a third of the total height; pseudostome slightly arched and bordered by a very thin chitinoid lip. Test with a flat but probably not hollow keel which surrounds the test towards the base of the collar. Test highly compressed in lateral view, claviform with ogival base terminated by a sharp nipple or foam; pseudostome slightly indented. Apical (or basal) elongated ellipsoid view with, at each end of the ellipse, the more or less acute projection of the keel.
Test colorless or yellowish, very hyaline; covered with fairly large square plates, regularly arranged, juxtaposed or more or less overlapping. The keel is formed by two series (one for each side) of rectangular plates; on top of the fundus some thin plates are inserted in these rows giving in lateral view the appearance of a truncated nipple and not of an acute keel as in apical view. The insertion of the plates forming the keel is often marked by a bead of chitinoid cement.

Dimensions: Length 140-150 µm; width 70-90 µm ; thickness 48-50 µm; collar 15-55 µm high and 33-35 µm wide; pseudostome 30 µm; keel 5-10 µm wide.

Ecology: Fresh water. Marshy stream on Kalahari sands. Rep. of Congo: stream between Ewo and Etoumbi (about 25 km. From Ewo), quite rare, October.

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