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Quadrulella camerounensis
Quadrulella camerounensis, after Gauthier-Lièvre, 1957

Quadrulella camerounensis (Gauthier-Lièvre, 1957)

Diagnosis: Test in front view lageniform with an ovoid main body and a wide neck forming a little more than a third of the total height; pseudostome slightly arched with or without a very thin chitinoid lip; test in lateral view uncompressed or barely compressed; highly compressed collar with clearly indented pseudostome.
Test covered by large square or rectangular plates, generally smaller and better arranged on the collar; these plates can be closely juxtaposed or overlap more or less; reinforcement plates of various shapes: square, rectangular, triangular or circular, are placed here and there at the corners of the first, particularly on the main body. On the neck these reinforced plates are missing and are often replaced by thick flows of chitinoid cement. Colorless, very transparent.

Dimensions: Length 80-105 µm; width 48-52 µm; 45-48 µm in profile; collar, width in front view 30-32 µm; 18-20 µm in profile; neck height 40-45 µm; pseudostome 24-28 µm.

Ecology: More or less wet mosses at altitude (900-1100 m.), Cameroon, Africa.

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