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Quadrulella elegans
Quadrulella elegans, after Gauthier-Lièvre, 1958

Quadrulella elegans Gauthier-Lièvre, 1958

Diagnosis: Test elongated claviform, almost lageniform, with rounded base, flanks stretching regularly towards the pseudostome, which is truncated straight and provided with a thin, but clean chitinoid bead. Towards the first quarter of the theca (starting from the pseudostome), two very visible lateral pores are present, marked by a very clear projection of the test wall. In lateral view, the test is elongated claviform, almost with an ogival fundus; pseudostome little or not indented.
Test colorless, hyaline, embedded with very small square or rectangular plates, juxtaposed or more or less overlapping; on the neck, they are smaller and more regularly arranged than on the main part.

Dimensions: Length 100-110 x 48-50 µm; breadth 37 µm; pseudostome 20 µm wide and 15 µm in side view.

Ecology: Stream in the forest, fairly common. A.O.F. Ivory Coast, Man, Africa.

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