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Raphidocystis pallida
Raphidocystis pallida

Raphidocystis pallida (F.E.Schulze, 1874) Zlatogursky, 2018
Basionym: Raphidiophrys pallida Schulze 1874

Diagnosis: Cells 84-140 µm in diameter; scales spindle-shaped, in the centre ca. 1.2 µm wide, tapering to the tubular ends, each ca. 0.6 µm thick and terminating in sharply pointed poles. The narrow scales have strongly inflected margins, leaving the impression of a narrow slit ca. 0.4 µm wide and 2.6-3.2 µm long; scales 10-36 µm long; scale structure smooth. A lamellate nature of the scales could not be detected by SEM observations.

Ecology: sometimes very common, mainly in sphagnum related water types.yvv

Raphidocystis pallida
Spindle-shaped scales
Raphidocystis pallida
Raphidocystis pallida
Spicules, optical cross section
Raphidocystis pallida - Ferry Siemensma
Polyplacocystis pallida, Crailoo
Polyplacocystis pallida
Raphidocystis pallida – from Siemensma, 1991
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