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Sorodiplophrys stercorea
Sorodiplophrys stercorea, – from Tice et al., 2016

Family Sorodiplophryidae Cavalier-Smith 2012

Diagnosis: Coprophilic non-ciliated, unicellular heterotrophic protists with filopodial gliding motility; without definite sagenetosome or zoospores; with predominantly polar tufts of highly branched, sometimes anastomosing filopodia emanating at opposite points of cell wall composed of thin scales, often with lamellipodium at the base that may extend round the sides of the cell. On starvation, vegetative cells aggregate to form a stalked, golden yellow sorocarp containing numerous elliptical sorocytes, analogously to dictyostelid slime molds. Sorocytes with contractile vacuole and refractive yellow bodies; vegetative cells ovoid to elliptical, with small colorless granules instead of yellow bodies. Glide at 30 m/min. with filopodia at both ends, anterior ones shortening as they progress.
Type genus Sorodiplophrys Cienkowski, 1876.

Sorodiplophrys is more closely related to species of the genus Amphifila than to Diplophrys and represents an additional independent origin of sorocarpic multicellularity among eukaryotes (Tice et al., 2016).

Sorodiplophrys stercorea
Sorodiplophrys stercorea, micrograph from Dykstra & Porter, 1988
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