Cyclopyxis leidyi
Cyclopyxis leidyi
Cyclopyxis leidyi and Trigonopyxis arcula

Family Trigonopyxidae Loeblich & Tappan, 1964

Diagnosis: Lobose testate amoebae with circular organic shell covered with fragments of mineral grains, diatoms and organic debris; aperture terminal, circular, oval, crescent-shaped or three or four lobed.

1Test in oral view circular2
Test elliptical5
2Aperture triangular, three-lobed, or irregular; always with thickened organic rimTrigonopyxis
Aperture circular, irregular, crescent-shaped, or with > 5 lobes; never with thickened organic rim3
3Aperture crescent-shapedCornuapyxis
Aperture not crescent-shaped4
4Aperture invaginatedCyclopyxis
Aperture not invaginatedGeopyxella
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