Trigonopyxis microstoma
Trigonopyxis arcula
T. microstoma, preparate from De Groot, 1953, labelled Tierra del Fuego (private collection Ferry Siemensma)

Trigonopyxis microstoma Hoogenraad and De Groot, 1948

Diagnosis: Shell relatively large, circular in dorsal view, sometimes elliptical. The ventral side of the shell is flat and only in the center there is a small depression with the aperture which is small and irregularly-shaped, surrounded by a more or less organic lip.

Dimensions: Shell diameter 80-130 μm, height 52-60 μm, diameter of the aperture 10-17 μm.

Ecology: Sphagnum, moist mosses. Patagonia.

Trigonopyxis microstoma
Trigonopyxis microstoma, after Hoogenraad and De Groot, 1948
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