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Trigonopyxis minuta  Schönborn and Peschke, 1988

Diagnosis: Shell nearly hemispherical, height of shell averaging 65% of shell diameter; aperture central, invaginated, only rarely triangular and rimmed, smaller than that of T. arcula, roughly circular to irregularly oblong; color brownish; xenosomes composed of plain stones and detritus particles like T. arcula. An internal shell exists and is, where the external shell is broken, clearly visible.

Dimensions: Diameter 68.7 – 87.5 µm (mean 76 µm); height 43.7 – 56.2 µm (mean 49 µm); aperture 12.5 – 21.9 µm. My measurements: diameter 50 µm, height 45 µm (n = 1)

Ecology: soil, mosses. Reported world-wide.

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