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Trinema enchelys
Large shell, c. 155 µm long, with several rows of teeth in its pseudostome – Ecuador

Trinema grandis (Chardez, 1960)

Diagnosis: shell ovoid, elongate and hyaline; ventral side in the same plane as the aperture, while the dorsal surface is convex and bulges; test composed of two types of scales: one type large, the other type small, covering the space between the large scales. Aperture oval or circular, sub-terminal and invaginated, bordered by an inner circle of denticulate apertural-plates.

Dimensions: 103 – 134 um long; my measurements: up to 155 µm (Ecuador)

Ecology: in mosses.

Remarks: Distinction between T. enchelys and this species only by their size.

Trinema enchelys
Trinema enchelys
Very large shell from Ecuador, mosses, 155 µm; shell 104 µm
Trinema enchelys
Shell structure
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