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Turriplaca emarginata (Nicholls, 2013)

Diagnosis: Cells spherical, 20-25 µm in diameter, covered with both plate- and spine-scales (visible in high magnification, phase contrast light microscopy). Plate-scales are circular-elliptic (3-5 µm) but with one or two (usually) strongly rounded indentations occupying about one-quarter of the margin of the scale; plate-scales with a well developed marginal rim (about 0.13 µm wide) and a convex distal surface perforated with 6-12 circular holes, about 0.2-0.4 µm in diameter. Spine-scale, a short hollow tube (1.5 -3.3 µm long) with a swollen base about 1.1-1.2 µm in diameter, and a slightly flared distal end about 0.8 µm wide with 6-8 marginal small teeth. Occasional spine-scales have a greater flare at the distal end with an internal septµm dividing the opening leading to the hollow shaft of the scale into two parts. Spine base is reinforced with a series of thickened longitudinal ribs.
Ecology: Marine. Type locality: Pacific Ocean beach near Gillatt (Grassy) Island, Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands, British Colµmbia, Canada.

From Nicholls, 2013
From Nicholls, 2013, as Thomseniophora emarginata?
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