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Turriplaca paucipora
Turriplaca paucipora, after Thomsen, 1978


Turriplaca paucipora (Thomsen, 1978) Cavalier-Smith, 2012
basionym Pinaciophora paucipora Thomsen (1978)
(synonym Rabdiophrys paucipora Roijackers and Siemensma, 1988)

Diagnosis: Periplast circular when flattened, c. 17 µm in diameter, with two kinds of scales. Details of protoplast unknown. Plate-scales circular, c. 1.5-2.0 µm in diameter, pattern-less apart from a pentagonal arrangement of perforations at the scale center. The central scale area circumscribed by the “pentagon” appears less heavily silicified than the immediate surroundings. Spine-scales c. 1.5-2.0 µm long and c. 0.5 µm wide at the base, composed of a cylindrical shaft (c. 0.1 µm in diameter), distally terminating in a multi-spined tip while proximally widened gradually into a circular base-plate. Small perforations are occasionally present at the base of the spine-scale.
Type location: Marine, Dybso Fjord (Denmark).

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