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Velamentofex tyrolensis (photomicrograph Steffen Clauß)

Family Velamentofexidae Völcker and Clauß, 2020

Diagnosis: Multinucleate organic-walled monothalamous foraminifera. Test spherical to pyriform, usually surrounded by a broad layer of mucus-like material not easily observable as it is covered with food particles, digestion residues and detritus. Test wall flexible, colorless and smooth, varying in thickness. Aperture terminal, oblique. Peduncle more or less trumpet-shaped, eccentrically located and varying in length, surrounded by a hyaline peduncular sheath. Radiating network of granuloreticulopodia can be very large, extending some millimeters over the substrate. Cytoplasm with several contractile vacuoles and with numerous ovular nuclei.

Type genus: Velamentofex Völcker and Clauß, 2020

Genera assigned: Velamentofex. 

Genus Velamentofex Völcker and Clauß, 2020

Diagnosis: As for family.

Type species: Velamentofex berolinensis  Völcker and Clauß, 2020

Species assigned: V. berolinensis, V. saxonensis, V. tyrolensis.

V. saxonensis (photomicrograph Steffen Clauß)

Literature: Siemensma, F., Holzmann, M., Apothéloz-Perret-Gentil, Laure, Clauß, S., Voelcker, E., Bettighofer, W., Khanipour Roshan, S., Walden, S., Dumack, K., Pawlowski, J., 2020. Broad sampling of monothalamids (Rhizaria, Foraminifera) gives further insight into diversity of non-marine Foraminifera. Eur. J. Protistol. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ejop.2020.125744

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