Zivkovicia compressa - drawing by Ferry Siemensma

Genus Zivkovicia Ogden, 1987


Diagnosis: shell pyriform, often with a distinct constriction of the neck region, either circular or compressed in transverse-section, composed mainly of agglutinate mineral particles bound by an organic cement matrix; aperture terminal, usually circular; internally the shell is partitioned by two circular openings. For the function of these construction, see rotifers. For more information of the differences between Pontigulasia, Lagenodifflugia and Zivkovicia look here.

See for the species described by Penard here.

Type species: Zivkovicia compressa (Carter, 1864)

Other species:

Zivkovicia spec. with three openings
Zivkovicia spiralis - drawing Ferry Siemensma
Zivkovicia spec.